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About Us

Southern Lights Scented Candles was started primarily because of the disappointment of many of the scented candles found on the market today. Frequent complaints from friends were that their candles lost its fragrance half way through, or their fragrance didn't permeate a room, or that the fragrance was not true to its name.

Many months of research, testing, and comparing various qualities of fragrances, wax, and wick types has produced the most richly scented, hand poured candles you can buy at any price.

Available in 5oz. and 16oz. apothecary jars and boxed dozen votives, tarts, and Scented Waxed Teddy Bears. We offer a selection which is right for everyone. If you are unsure about some of the fragrances, we have put together a mix and match sampler 4 pack of 5oz. jars for only $25.99. That's only $6.50 each! Both the 4 pack and the box of 12 votives make the perfect gift for all occasions.

Minimum burn times for the 5oz. jar is 40 hours, and the 16oz. jar is 85 hours.

Remember to always trim your wick to approximately 1/8" before each use and never leave a burning candle unattended.

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