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Price List

We offer the most competitive prices for hand poured richly scented candles! 

Take a look at how we stack up to one of our competitors. You will find:

  • Higher quality candles 
  • More candle in every jar
  • Compare our prices with Yankee Candle

Southern Lights Scented Candles

Yankee Candles

    5 oz. Jar $  6.99   3.7 oz. Jar $   9.99
  16 oz. Jar $  13.99  14.5 oz. Jar $ 21.99
  12 Votives* $  15.99  12 Votives $ 23.88
  12 Tarts $  15.99  12 Tarts $ 23.88

* With every boxed votive purchase receive a FREE crystal votive holder!

New! - Scented Waxed Teddy Bears!

Available in the following vibrant colors:

  • White
  • Brown
  • Gold
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Maroon
  • Purple
  • Baby Blue
  • Medium Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Hunter Green

Just $19.99 each!
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"I am thrilled with the scent and burn quality of your candles. I have been a Yankee customer for about 8 years and yours surpass theirs in terms of the strength of the scent and how it fills my entire home with delicious fragrance. The wick burns smoothly and the wax burns completely clean down the sides of the glass jar. The best part is they are from the South! You
have a new customer for life!"

Melise E.
Marietta, GA

Get your Southern Lights Scented Candles today!

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